Smith & Nephew 300XL Light Source


This Light Source provides abundant illumination for all endoscopic specialties. Intuitive operation makes the 300XL Light Source easy to use. It is digitally controlled to ensure smooth and precise shutter operation.



Advanced Xenon Lamp technology and optics deliver the bright and balanced illumination surgeons demand. Excellent engineering, efficient design, and exceptional performance – the qualities you expect from the leader in endoscopic imaging.

Some features are:

Illumination : 300 Watt Xenon Short Arc 5700 – 6000° K 500 hours

Surgical Interface: The front panel displays the number of hours the lamp has been in use, status messages, and the percentage of light intensity. Designed to accept DYONICS ◊/Wolf®, Olympus®, ACMI®, or Storz® light guide end-fittings. Digital OR interface, RS-232 communication port via a USB Type B receptacle.

Power Management: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 600 VA 10A 250V Class I device – ordinary environment Unit – less than 300 microamperes @ 120V +/- 10%

Lamp – less than 500 microamperes @ 240V +/- 10%

Ambient Operating Temperature: 40° F to 100° F (5°C to 38°C)

Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 16 × 17 × 4.5 cm


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